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At Lipogon, we understand that It is not always easy to lose weight and maintain weight loss, especially for women. The real reasons why weight loss becomes challenging are related to body chemistry. When you understand how hormones can contribute to weight gain or weight loss, you will be better equipped with the information needed to make a lasting change. For more than 3 decades we have explored the various hormonal fluctuations that can lead to weight fluctuations for women and know how best to manage these changes so that they do not interfere with weight management goals.

We, as interventional obesity specialists, have seen the success of weight reduction over and over again. The path to permanent change is not identical today as it was in 2008, 1998, or 1970. Lipogon has discovered the roadblocks to successful weight reduction, which allows us to deal with them.

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Why women struggle with weight loss?

On paper, the majority of diet programs are intended to help you lose weight. At the same time, the struggle is real. Why?

3 Body Types, 4 Difficulties: Why Your Willpower Isn’t Enough For Weight Loss
  1. The truth about obesity and training: Women who are overweight and obese lack the energy to exercise their way to long-term weight reduction. The same amount of exercise for an overweight person is far more challenging than it is for someone who does not have extra body weight. An obese individual just cannot burn enough calories exercising to lose weight.
  2. Your body fights back: The body will not permit us to restrict our calorie intake to such a degree that long-term weight reduction is achieved. Severe calorie restriction results in a survival response, reduces your metabolism and fat storage. Furthermore Hunger hormones are triggered in the name of survival and cravings increase.
  3. Finally, the microbiota in our intestines are distinct, so “a calorie is a calorie” isn’t always true. Different gut microorganisms extract different quantities of calories from the same meal in different people. We should believe our overweight friend when she says that she can eat the same amount of food as her slim coworker and still gain weight.
  4. Hormones! Stress, insulin, oestrogen. Hormones play a huge role in the struggle to loose weight. Women who have experienced health conditions such as menopause may experience hormonal changes that make it almost impossible for them to lose weight. With these health conditions, women often have a hard time loosing weight and maintaining a healthy weight loss long-term. Lipogon Lab Series has been uniquely formulated for women by women. No body understands the health struggles and health of women like we do. We have identified 3 primary body shapes that have an accumulation of fat in specific areas of the body due to specific hormonal imbalances.

Xtreme weight loss Meal Plan

The Lipogon Difference

We offer a refeeding programme, not a diet! Is it extreme? Yes, it is. Any major change to our daily routine is extreme. We help you by making the right choices and nourishing your body with wholesome low calorie meals that are tasty without the guilt. Our supplement range has been formulated to assist your body with the changes and maximise your results. Download our Extreme Body Shape Meal Plan FREE and experience real change.

Find the Meal Plan Best Suited For Your Hormones!

Complete the Body shape Questionnaire and download the Master Your Metabolism to find out more about weight loss and your hormones.

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With our Lipogon Affiliate Programme you can earn an extra income and amazing discounts by sharing the products you love with friends, family, colleagues and anyone looking for health and well-being solutions inspired by science and technology. 

Nobody knows the business of health and weight loss like Lipogon Lab Series. Our industry experts are 100% focused on making you as successful as possible. Our proven business concepts, an extensive online marketing, expert training and promotional support help take the guesswork out of building your business, whether you’re new to the industry or the owner of an aesthetic clinic or beauty salon.

We look forward to chatting about what Lipogon Lab Series can do for you and learning a bit more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Lipogon Professional's Corner

Nobody knows the business of health and weight loss like Lipogon Lab Series. Our industry experts are 100% focused on making you as successful as possible. Our proven business concepts, an extensive online marketing, expert training and promotional support help take the guesswork out of building your business, whether you’re new to the industry or the owner of an aesthetic clinic or beauty salon. We offer a range of business concepts and innovative products to turn your business intoa roaring success.

Weight Loss

Making Dreams Come True

Weight loss became a never-ending dream. But dreams come true through hard work, willpower and dedication. Being overweight was not about weight or numbers on a scale anymore; it became tiredness, pain, unhappiness and sadness. It defined who I was – a failure – plain and simple.

An endless loop of failure

I had been trying weight loss programs since the onset of my weight gain in my early teens, but they were temporary fixes at best. Because a diet is a “band-aid” approach to losing weight, it will always return. And so I was stuck in an endless loop of weight gain, weight loss and weight gain again.

In 2008 I embarked on a weight loss journey AGAIN, but this time it was different. This time my journey included health issues like extreme pain, depression and exhaustion. What I was to find out later was that my weight had nothing to do with it, at least not in the traditional sense.That is until one day when my doctor informed me that he could no longer recommend his weight loss program to me because it posed a greater health risk than my weight! I was devastated by the news, believing that the doctor had delivered the worst news possible.

The Shocking, Ugly Truth

I learned that I had Fibromyalgia, an auto-immune disease that causes widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and cognitive difficulties and dysfunction. I was told that there is no cure for this disease but that I could lead a healthy lifestyle to manage it.Fibromyalgia Fact: affects 2%-8% of the population with a higher prevalence in women aged 30-50 years. Shocking, I know! The sad part about this is that it is probably the most misdiagnosed Autoimmune disease out there.

I know that you want to know what it is, but I’m not sure how much you know about it. So let’s talk about what happened to me. For six years, I was in constant pain. My weight fluctuated as various doctors tried different medicines to manage the pain and fatigue. None of them really helped though. Lying in the hospital one day, I began researching on my own about Fibromyalgia and weight gain, realising that there must be a connection.

I studied everything that related to weight gain, nutrition, metabolism, hormones, biochemistry etc. But what became interesting is how weight gain relates to stress hormones – Cortisol – which regulate the metabolism! This seemed logical because stress increases Cortisol levels, but this also makes people deposit more fat around their waistline. Weight gain due to stress is weight gain in all the wrong places. It is a fact that many of us overlook! Funny enough, weight gain is a side effect of hormones related to stress-causing symptoms of Fibromyalgia, so ironic!! My weight began to increase when I was a youngster, and my Cortisol levels were to blame. My body became Cortisol resistant which resulted in Fibromyalgia. If only I knew.

 Time for Change

I started thinking about weight loss completely different from how I ever had before. My vision changed and that resulted in my quest to not only help myself but help others as well.

Instead of weight loss being all about calorie counting, weight training and cardio exercise, I started thinking that weight loss is my dream and healthy choices every day would be my guide. That it was about nourishing my body with proper food, not just restricting calories or portions but what foods would reduce the pain and inflammation. And it wasn’t just about eating clean. It was about me, my body and becoming the person that My Saviour envisioned me to be the day He called me by my name. I no longer wanted to be defeated. I wanted to be stronger and healthier and yes, buy a pair of jeans wherever I wanted!

So I began an entirely new journey which included nutrition and supplements that focussed on lowering inflammation in my body.

As I began this journey, all kinds of wonderful things started happening in my life. The weight began to come off slowly but surely. My tiredness disappeared, my pain level became manageable, my depression lifted and I was finally able to buy my jeans where I wanted. But more importantly, I got my life back!

 A Lesson Learned

The lesson here is that you have to remember that weight loss is not just about the number on the scale – it’s about how good you feel in your body! So make healthy choices every day, feed your body with proper nutrients and exercise will naturally follow as part of a lifestyle change. Weight loss should never be about restricting yourself from foods or feeling guilty for eating food; this can create more stress. If you had a bad day, remember that you have not given up, you just made a bad choice. Tomorrow is a new day! Make healthy choices and start again!

My dream became my dream for you

That’s the type of lifestyle change I want for you – to live by choice, not by chance. Don’t just read this and forget it, be inspired and take action, as well as share my article with your family and friends. This is one battle we will all fight together!!

My journey taught me that unless you identify the root cause of your battle, you will never heal yourself…by bringing awareness through introspection and patience, everything unfolds perfectly when you are willing to open up to change on all levels. It can be daunting since major changes are rarely simple but taking small steps every day will help.

Lose your way to a NEW YOU! LIPOGON LAB SERIES, developed by me, for you, through grace from above, motivated by my own painful journey.

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