Ultimate Weight Loss Pack


The SlenderForm Ultimate Weight Loss Pack is the best combination to help you BURN FAT FAST. Lipogon SlenderForm Supplements have been scientifically formulated to change your body.  Lipogon SlenderForm Supplements are Gluten Free, Sugar Free and ideal for a ketogenic diet. #TheShapeOfYourLife

The SlenderForm Ultimate Weight Loss Pack Includes

  • 1 x TrimFX Slimming Drops 100ml
  • 1 x TrimFX Fat Burner 60 caps
  • 1 x TrimFX PURE CLA 90 caps
  • 1 x TrimSURE Shake 900g
  • 1 x FirmFX Collagen Boost 30 caps
  • 1 x FirmFX Liniment Oil 200ml



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