TrimFX Fat Burner 60’s

TrimFX Fat Burner is a scientifically formulated supplement that harnesses the power of natural ingredients to enhance weight loss and fat burning. With key components like Citrus Auranthium, Green Tea, and L-Carnitene, it accelerates the body’s metabolic rate, resulting in increased calorie burn. These carefully selected ingredients work synergistically to not only reduce appetite but also inhibit fat storage, helping you achieve your weight management goals.

TrimFX provides a boost of energy, keeping you motivated and focused throughout the day. With this advanced formula, you can take your weight loss journey to the next level.


  • Increase fat burning
  • Decrease appetite
  • Stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Boost metabolic rate


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Product Information
Weight 0.065 kg
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 10 cm
Active Ingredients

Saw Palmetto
Capsicum annum

Contra Indications

Pregnancy Breastfeeding
History of heart problems and strokes,
Epilepsy and peptic ulcers
High blood pressure
Allergy to any of the ingredients


60 Capsules

Product Details

TrimFX Fat Burner

TrimFX Fat Burner combines the most advanced and complete fat burning properties in a single product. A combination of advanced pharmaceutical quality ingredients that is proven to stimulate thermogenesis - by burning fat to warm up the muscles.

  • Increase metabolism.
  • Increase HDL Cholesterol levels and reduce LDL Cholesterol levels.
  • Increase thermogenesis and lipolysis otherwise known as burning of fats.
  • Increase blood supply to the body cells, increasing oxygen level necessary for optimum metabolic function, leading to fat being metabolised and used by the body as energy.
  • Enhance lipolysis in adipose tissue.

The Benefits of the active ingredients in this fat burner:

      1. L-Carnitene:

  • L-Carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid, is a critical component in the fat-burning process. It transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, the 'powerhouses' of cells, where they are converted into energy.
  • This means that by taking L-Carnitine, your body can use stored fat as a source of energy more efficiently, leading to weight loss and enhanced physical performance.
  • L-Carnitine can reduce fatigue and act as an appetite suppressant, making it an excellent supplement for those seeking to lose weight and improve their overall health.


      2. Zhi Shi

  • Zhi Shi, also known as bitter orange, plays a significant role in facilitating weight loss and fat burning. The principal active ingredient, synephrine, mimics the biological activity of the body's adrenaline, increasing the metabolic rate and promoting thermogenesis.
  • This process enhances the body's ability to burn calories and fat, even while resting.
  • Zhi Shi also stimulates the breakdown of stored fat and to suppress appetite, further assisting in weight management.
  • Aside from its weight loss benefits, Zhi Shi enhances athletic performance by increasing the body's energy production and improving blood flow.


     3. Green Tea

  • The active ingredient in green tea, EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), has been clinically proven to boost the metabolism and increase fat burning.
  • Green Tea also contains anti-oxidants that help to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels.

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