Lipogon High Protein Muffins

Gluten free high protein muffins

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September 1, 2021


These High Protein Muffins are an easy gluten-free breakfast idea. These easy muffins are packed with healthy ingredients, the perfect way to start your day!

You’re probably wondering what makes a muffin a muffin if there isn’t anything to bake with! Turns out, magical things happen when you blend up a couple of well chosen ingredients. These little guys are full of ripe bananas, whey protein powder, coconut flour, almond flour and a bit of baking powder. Just add all  your ingredients togetherr, give it a whirl and your nearly done! Best of all, they are sugar free too!

The weight loss benefits of High Protein foods

Eating a protein-rich diet can help you lose weight because it can help to avoid overeating. A high protein diet can help build lean muscle when combined with exercise. Lean muscle helps to burn more calories throughout the day, which can also help with weight loss.

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat doesn’t mean you have to get rid of tons of foods to trim your waistline and lose weight. In fact, what’s more impactful is focusing on eating more of the good-for-you foods that have been shown to trim belly fat. Upping your intake of protein and fiber, while emphasizing foods that research shows help to decrease belly fat (like kefir and avocado), is the combination that will give you results.

A high-protein diet helps keep us full and satisfied, which means we are less likely to overeat throughout the day. Fiber also plays an important role in promoting a flat belly and keeping us satisfied—it helps maintain a regular digestive system to reduce bloating, and also promotes healthy gut bacteria.

Why you should avoid gluten

At Lipogon we advocate a gluten free lifestyle for many health reasons. 

Many people who decide to use the gluten-free diet to lose weight do so because they’re encouraged by how well it seems to work for others. But how can you make sure the diet will work for you?

Some nutritionists say that dropping gluten from your diet means that you’ve got less you can eat, and therefore are consuming fewer calories overall… which naturally leads to weight loss.

However, other experts—notably, cardiologist Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly—argue that wheat (and not just the gluten protein in wheat) actually augment your appetite, causing you to eat more.

In an interview, Dr. Davis said that wheat contains appetite-stimulating compounds that encourage your body to produce more Insulin, a hormone that can cause you to store fat.

In the presence of Insulin your body cannot burn fat.

The benefits of the High Protein ingredients in these amazing muffins

1. Almond Flour

Lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol and increasing ‘good’ cholesterol levels

There are two types of cholesterol: low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

People sometimes callTrusted Source LDL cholesterol “bad cholesterol.” This is because it can raise a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke.

HDL, or “good” cholesterol, can absorb cholesterol and carry it to the liver. The liver then removes the cholesterol from the body. High HDL levels can reduce a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke.


Reducing risk of cardiovascular disease in the following ways
  • reduce a person’s cholesterol levels
  • reduce a person’s body mass index (BMI) and body weight
  • reduce a fasting blood sugar levels 
Gluten Free High Protein

2. Lipogon TrimSURE Shake

TrimSURE Meal Replacement Shakes contain a new, advanced formulation with a combination of revolutionary nutritional ingredients and ketogenic amino acids, that work in synergy to reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle tissue. The meal replacement shake delivers a variety of ketogenic amino acids to improve both protein synthesis and overall health. #TheShapeOfYourLife


  • Block fat storage
  • Reduce cravings
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Increase fat burning
  • Provide an advanced combination of vitamins and minerals

    1. Eggs

    Eggs are one the worlds most nutritious foods

    Eggs protect your body in the following ways
    • Eating eggs consistently leads to elevated levels of HDL (the “good”) cholesterol, which is linked to a lower risk of many diseases.
    • Eggs are among the best dietary sources of choline, a nutrient that is incredibly important but most people aren’t getting enough of.
    • The antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin are very important for eye health and can help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts. Eggs are high in both of them.
    • Omega-3 enriched and pastured eggs may contain significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Eating these types of eggs is an effective way to reduce blood triglycerides.
    • Eggs are fairly high in quality animal protein and contain all the essential amino acids that humans need.
    • Eggs are highly satiating and may reduce calorie intake later in the day. Regularly eating eggs may promote weight loss.

    Lipogon High Protein recipe


    • 3 Cups Gluten Free Oats
    • 3 Eggs
    • 3 Medium Sized Banana’s
    • 2 Scoops Lipogon TrimSURE Chocolate Shake
    • 1 Cup Almond Meal
    • 1 Cup Coconut Flour
    • 1 Teaspoon Nutmeg
    • 1 Teaspoon Salt
    • 1 heaped Teaspoon Backing Powder
    • 1 heaped Teaspoon Bicarb
    • ½ teaspoon Salt


    • You will need a food processor. We use a Nutri Bullet.
    • Add the Gluten Free Oats to the processor and blend until it looks like flour.
    • Now add the Almond and Coconut Flour to the mix
    •  Add the Nutmeg and the Salt
    • Add 2 Scoops of Lipogon Shake.
    • Add the Backing powder and the Bicarb and mix the ingredient well.
    • Add the eggs, banana and 1 cup of water to the processor and blend very well.
    • Now add the egg mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well.
    • Spray a Muffin pan with Spray and Cook.
    • Scoop your mix into the muffin pan, filling with the each muffin area half way full.
    • Bake at 180 degrees for 20 – 30 minutes, checking regularly.
    • Remove from the oven and let them cool down before you proceed to remove them from the pan.
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